The Portable Biometric USB Fingerprint Scanner Uses Fingerprint Images

Published: 23rd June 2010
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Fingerprint Scanner
So your computer is basically guarded by high-tech biometrics instead of a password. It is used for several reasons but primarily for safeguarding desktop pc or the laptop with Fingerprint Scanner and more and more companies is buying these portable devices at less than 100 dollars each.
A Biometric USB Fingerprint Scanner works by taking a microfilm image of your finger. The scanner analyzes whether the patterns and the ridges who has just pressed the portable biometric device matches any of the patterns or ridges in the pre-scanned images. Imagine going to the grocery and getting items, the cashier passes the item thru the screen where it can see the bar code. The cashier no longer have to type in the items one by one and the prices of the items gotten.
There are several advantages to using a Biometric USB Fingerprint Scanner. Physical attributes are much harder to fake than identification cards. Plus the fact that companies will be able to save much by not having identification cards processed no more. You can never guess a fingerprint pattern. The chances are nil to none. Unlike passwords where you can always guess what they are. You cannot very well misplace your fingers for your fingertips, your eyes for your irises or your voice. Unless of course, you are sick and have some sort of laryngitis.
As much as there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. A Biometric USB Fingerprint Scanner is not infallible, no matter how effective it is. An extreme case could be a criminal cutting of a finger just so he can use the fingerprint and get a match with the stored image at the fingerprint scanner. So some companies make use of a fingerprint scanner plus the password which defeats the main purpose of using one. Another thing you should think about is, people lose their passwords or their keys all the time. But the thing is you can always get a new password or duplicate keys. If somebody gets hold of your fingerprints. You will no longer be able to use it and you can never replace your fingerprints. Although, those are just extreme cases and most companies still opt to use Biometric USB Fingerprint Scanner for identification. You have to admit it is an excellent way to provide identity and not to mention security.
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